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Our creative workshops are all designed to inspire and motivate you to re-connect to your creative side and reveal the creative genius in you.

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Make Creativity Great Again: Connect, Create and Break Out of Your Routine

What if we told you you’re more creative than you think you are? Creativity is an important skill that involves two processes: thinking and producing. But this, like any other skill, it takes practice and courage. In this workshop you’ll be motivated to get in touch with your creative side or discover the creative side you didn’t know you had. You’ll connect with and get to know other like-minded creatives while engaging in fun activities and exercising your creativity. You’ll also work on getting comfortable with getting out of your comfort zone, which is very important for creativity. 

This workshop is for you if… You like creativity, wish you had more time to do things you love doing and want to make time for your passions, want to connect with other creatives, want to learn something new, or just want to have fun and surprise yourself (and trust us, you will be surprised). In other words, this workshop is for everyone!

Please bring…

  • Paper and things to write and draw with.
  • We also recommend sitting somewhere comfortable.

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