Free Workshops

Our creative workshops are designed to inspire and motivate you to reconnect to your creative side and reveal the creative genius in you.

Connect, Create, Escape

Join us for a workshop that will work your creativity in different ways. We’ll do some art, writing, improv, teamwork and other fun things to get your creative juices and thinking skills flowing. You’ll leave feeling relaxed and energized! Please bring paper, and something to write/draw with.

Next workshop: Thursday, May 12, 7:30 pm EST

FREE. Via Zoom. 

Jazz Up Your Monday!

A high-energy 30-minute workshop to get your day started with a dose of fun and creativity, or to get a midday boost. Please bring paper and something to write/draw with. 

We also do this for corporate groups – if you’d like your team to start their week on a good note, contact us for more info!

Monday, June 6, 12-12:30 pm EST

FREE. Via Zoom.

Keep an eye out for more workshops coming soon! 

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