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A creative break allows you to take a break from your daily routine. It is a set amount of time that you take to work on being creative, whether you’ve always had big aspirations in the creative field, always wanted to learn a creative skill or to simply want to get in touch with your creative side. 

Remember the days when you would just do activities that you enjoy without having any grown-up responsibilities in the way? You probably didn’t know it then, but as a child, you were a creative genius. Do you remember coloring as a kid? You didn’t think about whether you were coloring within the lines; you scribbled your soul out, and you were proud of it! You colored the sky green, the sun purple and the dog pink, and you didn’t care if grown-ups told you that these weren’t the right colors. You were free. 

Somewhere along the line that freedom might have gotten lost. Maybe you were taught that creativity is childish, that making mistakes is wrong, and that spontaneous, non-linear thinking is a waste of time because it’s not logical. As an adult, being creative seems harder, more tedious and time consuming.

A creative break will help you go back to being the creative person you’ve always been. 

We at My Creative Break hope that this community will inspire you to break out from your daily routine and take a creative break – whatever that means to you. Stay tuned for more stories and ideas!

Are you thinking of taking a creative break? Let us know what creative skills you’d like to learn or what creative projects you’d like to work on!

What is a creative break?
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