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Connect, Create, Escape

Join us for a workshop that will work your creativity in different ways. We’ll do some art, writing, improv, teamwork and other fun things to get your creative juices and thinking skills flowing. You’ll leave feeling relaxed and energized! Please bring paper, and something to write/draw with.

Next workshop: Thursday, May 12, 7:30 pm

FREE. Via Zoom. 

Intro to Building Essential Life Skills Using Improv

This one-time online workshop will introduce you to the basics of improv, its benefits and the different ways we use it everyday. We’ll do some basic improv exercises using different art forms and talk about how you can use it to help you in your daily life.

Improv can be trained in many ways. We’ll use a variety of techniques and art forms to build these essential skills while making you feel like you are taking a creative break from your chaotic days.

This workshop will also give you a taste Improv for Life Skills program, so you can decide if it’s for you / your team (we guarantee, it is!)

It’s also an opportunity to do something fun and different while meetings others from our creative community. 

Next workshop:

Sunday, May 15, 11 am-12:15 pm EST | Online

$20 USD

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