Coming soon:
The Unleash Your Creativity Summit

A virtual summit where you’ll learn new skills, create, network and discover your hidden creative talents!

Saturday April 2, 2022 | 11 am – 8:30 pm EST | Online

Escape your routine and worries and infuse a little joy into your life.

​Over 15 speakers from different creative fields will each guide you to explore your creativity in ways you have never before. 

There will be live workshops with topics like music, meditation, movement, improv, art, brainstorming techniques, and more. 

​You’ll hear stories that’ll inspire your creative journey, transport yourselves into imaginary worlds, interact with other curious participants, relax, join fun workshops on a variety of creative topics, and get out of your comfort zone by experiencing new things! 

Also, throughout the event, those who attend live will have the chance to win over $500 prizes!

Join us, especially if you:

-Want to explore your creativity in different ways

-Want to discover your hidden creative side

-Want to meet like-minded people

-Want to get out of your comfort zone and grow

Here are the fabulous speakers who will join us at The Unleash Your Creativity Summit. They will help you discover new creative potentials, surprise yourself, meet like-minded people, find new passions/hobbies and have fun!