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Linda Cajuste


My Creative Break Co-Founder Kim

Kimberley Chan


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Living the 9-5 life by day and balancing creative projects at night, Linda always felt like Clark Kent having to balance another identity. A few years ago, Linda was fortunate enough to take a sabbatical year. During that year, she moved to Paris, pushed her boundaries and was able to experiment and let her creativity shape her days. whether he was learning to shoot a short film or taking a stand-up workshop, she kept exploring. It was liberating. Upon returning from her sabbatical and back to her  9-5, she realized that she had to make time for her creativity no matter how busy life got. These days, Linda creates time to connect with her inner child by continuing to make time for things she loves like writing and improv theatre.

A former corporate marketing gal-turned-reborn creative and life enthusiast, Kim’s creative journey started when she started feeling like something was missing from “the 9-5 life.” Having grown up in a world of dance, theatre, words, images and colors, Kim missed having the freedom to express herself, dream and make the world a better place. 

After a medical scare, Kim realized that the best time to do things you love is right NOW. She escaped the routine, traveled on and off for two years and along the way, did a lot of things that she had lost touch with. She can now be found writing, making new connections any way she can, salsa dancing, performing voice overs and helping others connect with their inner child and feel free again. 

Linda and Kim both realized that their time away was a “creative break,” during which they both got to connect with their true selves and accomplished things they have otherwise wouldn’t have. They felt rejuvenated and now, they are committed to helping you find that same joyful feeling no matter where you are and how much time you have.