Unleash Your Creativity: a workshop series for entrepreneurs

Starting your own business or working for yourself is challenging – trust us, we tackle challenges every day. 

As an entrepreneur, you will encounter many tough situations, such as:

  • Needing to be comfortable with the uncomfortable
  • Feeling like you don’t have enough confidence
  • Needing a network of supportive people
  • Making quick decisions
  • Figuring out which ideas to explore
  • Taking action and just getting started 
  • Trying new things that are scary 
  • Being on camera / social media 
  • Pitching your products / projects to people you don’t know
  • Talking about yourself / your company 

In this 4-week online intro course, you’ll learn to use creative skills like improv techniques, writing and art to help with situations like these. 

“Improv techniques?” Yes – skills that help you deal with “surprises” without panicking (or panicking less). We both come from the corporate world and have a background in improv; we owe a lot of our success to improv as the skills and techniques used in this art have helped us a lot in the course of transforming our lives, careers and starting My Creative Break. 

And now, we want to pass on our skills and knowledge and help you become more confident and successful entrepreneurs.

Starts in September. Dates TBD.

Spaces are limited. Get on our waiting list to receive more details as soon as we have them!

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