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Over the past few months, we have started getting to know some members of our community, and wanted to provide a way in which our community can come together, meet some like-minded creatives while learning something new and having fun. So we’re excited to announce that we’ve got some creative workshops in the ‘works!’ 

Our creative workshops are catered to everyone, whether they think of themselves as “creative” or not. Everyone is creative, and we surprise all our attendees by showing them the little things they do that they don’t realize makes them creative.

We are all born creative; if you observe kids, you will notice how creative they are – how they are not afraid to try things, color outside the lines, and try to make up (realistic!) answers to things they don’t know. 

As we grow up, we lose some of that creativity as we are taught that everything we do must be perfect or ‘acceptable’ by society. 

In each of our workshops, participants get the opportunity to meet like-minded creatives from all over the world. In our introductory workshop, Jumpstart Your Creativity and Learn to Plan a Creative Break, we work on getting in touch with our inner child to bring back some of that creative freedom that was lost. We explore what ‘creativity’ means and work on letting go of the notion that everything has to be perfect. We do short creative exercises that make everyone feel good. We foster an environment where there is no judgement or criticism allowed and encourage all participants to express themselves in any way they want. We conclude by doing a short intro to what it takes to plan a creative break – how to set aside time to do the things we love to do and not feel overwhelmed. 

Keep an eye on our social media or our workshops page for upcoming workshops. If you’d like us to notify you of our upcoming workshops, join our mailing list and we’ll email you as soon as we set the dates! (We’ve got a workshop combined with a special event coming up very soon!)

We look forward to interacting with you as a community!

– Kim and Linda 


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