Last Thursday, we had the honor of participating in The Essential Creative’s Fireside Chat series. We spoke to its founder, Shell Vera about why we started My Creative Break, about how to make time for creativity and about our upcoming workshop.

You’ll be hearing more about our stories, but in a nutshell, Linda and I both took creative breaks to break away from our 9-5 routines. We both traveled, pushed our boundaries, experimented with our creativity and learned a lot of things.

After our experiences, we realized that we couldn’t have experienced the things we did and accomplished many things along our journeys without the support of many people along the way. During our crazy journeys, we made some valuable connections and felt like we were part of a community of creative souls trying to find each other somewhere in the world to create together.

We realized that everyone is creative, whether they think so or not. We learned that creativity doesn’t necessarily refer to artistic abilities. Creativity can mean many things, but to us, it refers to doing things “outside of your box” – pushing yourself to try new things, stepping out of your comfort zone and being able to say that you were open to something different.

After starting an Instagram account which we used to motivate people to make time for creativity, we met Shell Vera who at the time had posted about the importance of making time for creativity. We were so excited to see someone else say that, so we featured her post! Fast forward a few months later, after getting to know her and her work through Instagram, we participated in her Fireside Chat series and had a fun talk about our stories, what creativity means and how you can work on your creativity if you can’t travel or (think you) don’t have time.

Check out the Fireside Chat on Making Time for Creativity:

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We hope to see you at our next workshop!

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    • Hi Shell! We were honored to connect with you too! We look forward to having you at our next workshop – stay tuned!

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