We cater each event to your company’s needs and make sure our activities meet your goals, whether it’s to improve productivity, creativity, connection or simply help your team to disconnect from work for a bit.

Strengthen and Motivate Your Remote Team

Are you looking for ways to help your remote team stay motivated and keep growing on a professional and personal level?

Working remotely can be challenging – it’s just not the same as working in a real-life environment. There is no social interaction between your team, no work breaks where team members can talk and motivate each other during the day, and no work/home life separation – this can have negative effects on mental health, motivation and productivity. Work breaks and interaction with team members are essential, especially for those who are stressed and need support. However, if your team is working remotely, this is more challenging.

We work with your team to help them to bring back the feeling they had when they worked together in real-life, and help them feel even more inspired, motivated, connected and happier.

Creative Team Building Workshops

My Creative Break Team Building Workshop, Talk Like a Pirate Day Edition

Our creative team building workshops strengthen teamwork and allow your team to take a short break from their stressful days, have fun and feel more connected to other team members while they work on essential skills like communication and creativity. They also help your team:

  • Break out of the lonely virtual office and improve connection and communication with the whole team.
  • Expand their creative thinking skills.
  • Surprise themselves by discovering hidden creative abilities.
  • See a different side of their team members.
  • Feel more motivated due to a positive work environment.
  • Minimize stress.
  • Increase productivity.

Read more about our Creative Team Building workshops.

Virtual Connect Sessions

Many employees say that the pandemic has taken a toll on their mental health, especially if they have gone from working in an office to working remotely. A big part of it is due to feeling isolated. The little chit chats around the office coffee machine, water cooler, or in the elevator may seem like nothing, but they bring a sense of connectivity and bonding, and make the days go by faster.

Our virtual connect sessions allow for a few minutes of that bonding time. They are designed to help team members get to know each other and feel more connected. They also help connect people from different departments, who otherwise would not even talk to each other. This bonding time helps reduce stress levels and also boosts morale, which increase productivity.

Motivational Presentations / Workshops

We’re always happy to deliver customized presentation or workshop on Creative Breaks, creativity, productivity, teamwork, work-life balance, self-care or share the stories of our personal creative breaks, how we found the motivation to do them, and what we learned.


“Linda & Kim delivered a great video about creative breaks for International Women’s Day at Salesforce. I loved collaborating with them. In all our discussions they showed enthusiasm, passion and care for the project. They listened to my inputs about the specific requirements I had for the video and they perfectly tailored their delivery to the needs of the organization. They navigated the challenges of producing a pre-recorded video while making it relevant, engaging and actionable. I wholeheartedly recommend them!”

– Gwendoline Calmels, Learning Experience Design Analyst, Sales Enablement, Salesforce Dublin

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