Happy May! Is it just us, or did last month fly by way too quickly?

April was filled with new experiments. We continued encouraging our community to further their creative journeys by pushing themselves to get out of their comfort zones. 

We launched our first workshop in our Improv for Life Skills program. A huge congratulations to those who showed up, took risks and contributed to a fun, co-creative environment! This month, we’re looking forward to launching a second workshop in this series – Intro to Building Essential Life Skills Using Improv. In this workshop, we work on essential life skills such as gaining confidence, creativity & spontaneity, communication & listening and more. We use different types of art forms that imply improv techniques like saying yes, accepting things and adding to the conversation to work on these skills. 

Why did we create the Improv for Life Skills workshops? Both of us have done improv – in fact, that’s how we met! Linda has continued to do it and has been practicing it for 10 years. Improv has helped both of us in our lives – from gaining confidence, to saying “yes” to many ideas and adventures, including our travels and starting My Creative Break. We believe it has given us the skills to succeed in a lot of things and we wouldn’t be where we are today if it wasn’t for improv. We’ll write more posts on this topic soon!

Our goals for May

We’re looking forward to potentially taking our events offline and into the real world so that we can finally put a face to some of you have been very supportive, enjoy some quality time with the community and foster deeper connections. Would you join us if we came to your city? Comment and let us know where you are!

We’re also going to be launching some new corporate programs that aim to help managers and HR executives create a work culture that employees love, so please help us and start spreading the word about us to companies!

Upcoming events and workshops

Check out our new page with all of our upcoming workshops! 

New Meetup group

If you’re on Meetup join our new MeetUp group! You’ll be able to join our online meetups from anywhere in the world, and be notified when we have in-person meetups in your city!

New Clubhouse Conversations

We have teamed up with Mona Momtazian, Coach at The Leaders Studio in Australia’s Gold Coast and hold weekly Clubhouse conversations about different topics related to work culture and adding more joy to your stressful work day. Join our Clubhouse club and share your thoughts and experiences with us!

The Fierce Awakened Woman 2022 Creativity Jam

We’d love for you to catch us at the The Fierce Awakened Woman 2022 Creativity Jam!

Our workshop, Adding Play to Your Sunday So You Can Beat the Monday Blues is on Sunday May 8 at 10:30 am EST / 4:30 pm CET. Can’t make it? Support all the wonderful creative leaders of the conference and catch a few sessions! Get your free tickets!


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