About us

Who are we?

Hi! We are Kim and Linda, the co-founders of My Creative Break. We started as a community to motivate people to get in touch with their creative side and do things they love, no matter how busy they are. 

Now, we work with individuals and help them make time to pursue their creative passions or step out of their comfort zone and finally try something they’ve always wanted to do or learn, and we support them along the way.

We also work with companies and bring an element of fun, connectivity and creativity to their work meetings, events and days to ensure good mental heath and strong collaboration within teams. We both come from the corporate world, so we understand that disconnecting from stressful work tasks for a bit helps add happiness and balance. 

More of our story below…

How can we help you?

In many ways! Individuals, we can help you:

  • Develop your creativity
  • Discover your hidden creative side
  • Meet a supportive community of like-minded people
  • Reach your creative goals
  • Get out of your comfort zone and try new things or finally take that step to doing what you want to do
  • Destress and have fun

We also help companies:

  • Strengthen connections within new/remote/hybrid teams
  • Motivate their teams to stay productive
  • Help employees take more risks and solve problems faster
  • Develop essential work skills like communication, creativity, collaboration and critical thinking
  • Allow team members to get to know each other and find out who they really are outside the office
  • Foster an environment that is safe and judgement-free so that employees feel happier, more connected to each other, and enjoy working for the company. 

Our Story

A few years ago, Linda, then stressed, overworked and unhappy, was fortunate enough to take a year-long sabbatical from her 9-5 job. During that year, she moved to Paris, she indulged in her passions, screenwriting and improv, pushed her boundaries and was able to experiment and let her creativity shape her days. 

Kim, then also overworked and fresh back to her 9-5 job after an almost year-long medical leave, felt like something was missing. Kim grew up in a world filled with color, words, dance, theatre, words, images and adventure; she felt “trapped” and missed having the freedom to express herself, dream and make the world a better place. So, she decided to take some time off to travel, during which she lived in Europe and Asia, met people from all walks of life, did things she always wanted to do, pushed her boundaries and reconnected with her inner child and creative side. 

Keeping that creative feeling 

Fast forward to a cold fall day in their hometown of Montreal, Canada – Linda and Kim met up to talk about their adventures and what they learned from their “creative breaks.” Linda had returned to her 9-5 job, while Kim was inspired to go the freelance route and work on her own creative projects. They both felt rejuvenated and wanted to find a way of keeping that feeling without having to leave on a year-long sabbatical. 

Further discussions revealed that many people are stressed and unhappy. Research showed that most people don’t make time to do things they love, especially creative things that alleviate stress.

A community is born 

My Creative Break was then born, as an Instagram account which motivated people to make time to do things they love, no matter how much time they had. Using motivational quotes and creative challenges, Linda and Kim helped the community to push their boundaries, connect with their inner child and show themselves some self-love. They received many positive comments from the community, many of them saying it pushed them to go back to doing things they used to love doing. 

Spreading the well-being

Recognizing that well-being is important and that people need to be motivated to do things out of their comfort zones, Linda and Kim now run workshops that allows people to come together, network, have fun, work on new skills, and get the support and motivation they need to get out of their comfort zones and reconnect to their creativity.

They also work with organizations and help teams take a short creative break from their day to work on their communication, collaboration, creativity and problem-solving skills, which helps improve productivity and drive revenue.

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